The Grill Slinger!

Mike went to West Marine’s big summer clearance sale today and came home with a wide selection of random bits, which he unveiled with comments such as “look at this cool piece of hardware! It’s lanyard thing but I thought I could integrate it into a hanging light!” Then, he announced he had a present for me. With great fanfare, he set it on the counter. It was a “Grillslinger!”
What’s a Grillslinger? Reminiscent of the old west, it’s a holster that hangs low on the waist but instead of six-shooters, it holds grilling accoutrement. It comes with a flipper, tongs and knife, which is made of heavy grade steel but of only OK quality since its stamped, rather than forged.

Of course, I had to learn more about who would dream this up, and went over to and was immediately confronted with a photo of Tony Bourdain wearing one, standing a head taller than the inventor/restauranteur Al Brown of New Zealand. Brown, along with another restauranteur, Steve Logan, created it “by adapting and refining the simplicity and functionality of the time-proven builder’s tool belt,” according to the site.

Along with the belt, you get a laminated “License to Grill.” On the back are 10 commandments of grilling, most of them quite practical, such as “8. Set up the bar nearby, grillslinging is thirsty work.” They do continue the long-dismissed food myth that searing seals in the juices of meat, however, which loses them some points.

To be honest, I thought it was sort of silly when I first saw it. Then, I put it on. Hmmmm, maybe I need to make some grilled lamb tonight… there’s a good recipe in my book from a chapter titled “The Silence of the Lamb.” I’ll have to put it online.

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