Northwest Booksellers Association

So, I walked into the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue tonight for the Pacific Northwest Bookselles Association and was stunned to see stacks of my books. I’ve only got one, sent by my editor. It turns out that I was one of 20 authors who came, signed books and then talked to tables of booksellers.

First, we were gathered in a non-descript room to sign about 165 books. I was assigned a lovely escort, Liz, an aspiring bookstore owner. We then sat for dinner in the same room, while the escorts assembled 150 bags of signed books for the people coming to the “literary feast.” Collectively, we noticed there was no wine. Huh. This was the main subject of dinner. Don’t the organizers know writers well enough to provide alcohol… or do they know us too well?

Afterward, I spent 20 minutes at Table 14, curiously packed with University Bookstore people, which is where I’m doing my opening reading. I told my stories, tried to charm and talk over the noise of dinner. Nice Liz got me a glass of white wine. Then, I did it again. Four more times. By the third table, I had my stories down. At the end of the night, I was almost hoarse.

Afterward, we got to pick 10 books to take home. Yeah!

The highlights of my freebies that I plan to comment on soon:
Bloodletting and Other Miracle Cures by Vincent Lamb (Weinstein, September 07)
Rock On: An Offic Power Ballard by Dan Kennedy (Algonquin, February 08)
The Senators Wife by Sue Miller (Knopft, January 0)
A Man You Could Love by John Callahan (Fulcrum, on sale now)

The only other Seattle writer was Braiden Rex-Johnson, who has a gorgeous new book from Wiley titled Pacific Northwest Wining & Dining and a lush new web site to go along with it. (She also write the Pike Place Market Cookbook, which went into approximately 70,012 printings or something…)


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