The tour officially launches in Seattle

OK, so I’m officially on my book tour. Day one, I had my first TV appearance on Northwest Afternoon, a show I’d never seen but heard was targeted to viewers of soap operas. I appeared between a segment on washable business suits for women from J.C. Penney and a guy who wrote a book about urban survival techniques in a post-catastrophe world using twine, wax and newspapers. I was suppopsed to have six minutes, with plans to teach Kent and Natasha how to chop an onion (and show off a nasty bowl of caul fat) but just before we shot the segmet, a producer came up and said “We had to cut you to three minutes. Instead of showing them how to chop, just cut an onion as fast as you can.”

So, I did. And, for reasons unknown, used a brand new knife I’d just bought, and I cut myself. Just a nick on the thumb. But enough that there was blood around. What to do? I finished my segment pressing the end of the onion into my cut to hide it. And, like any good writer, went and downed a glass of chablis afterward.

That night, I had my first reading at University Bookstore. We had some 60 people, many of them friends and sold about 40 books. I had a line of people waiting to buy my book. What a surreal feeling…


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