New York, New York

Today, we drove in our muscle car down to New York. OK, I had to go the bathroom and we could not stop — we were struggling to get to an interview on Bloomberg radio’s “Muse” show. A week earlier, I’d been scheduled for a phone interview with Patty Hall, but when he called my friend’s place in Chicago, the line wasn’t working. (Odd, but true; I’d just done three other radio interviews on that line earlier in the day.) But, we sat in traffic on 35th Street until we lucked out, got parking and I ran – in my offici book tour heels – into the Roosevelt Hotel and used their facilities. Afterward, we tried getting a cab with no luck and ultimately resolved to hoof it the 10 blocks — again, in my official booktou heels — to the massive Bloomberg Building.

Winded and agitated, we arrived eight minutes late. Fortunately, it was being taped and not live. In the elevator with Mike, he said “OK, get it together.” And somehow, I did. I slowed my breathing, and with a relaxed gesture shook hands with Patty. Ultimately, we taped 14 lovely minutes (she’s a very good interviewer) and that was that. Hours of driving, stress and then somehow pulling it together for a few minues of media – that’s a theme of a book tour…

We retrieved the muscle car and checked into the small but painfully chic Hotel Mela for the 14 hours we had left in Manhatten and headed over to the night’s main event, a dinner at the A.O.C. Restaurant in the west village that sold out just two days prior. After performing for crowds of strangers, I can’t expess how great it was to have dinner with a small group of 20 that was ultimately filled with friends, including my agent Larry and folks from my publisher, Viking. If you haven’t been there, go. The cassoulet was fabulous.


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