Supposedly, it’s a two-hour drive to Philadelphia. We spent nearly an hour getting out of Manhattan and then, again, barely made it to another radio show stop, The Chef’s Table with Jim Coleman on WHHY-FM, the local NPR station. He’s a nice guy, the kind of person I’d have over to dinner if he didn’t live in Philadelphia. He also reinforced why I like doing radio. The producers and hosts have usually read my book, they ask interesting questions and listen to your answers.

That night, we had our first event with Sofitel Hotels. Along with Women & Wine, they are hosting wine receptions in six cities to help launch Women & Wine’s “Reading Glasses” program. The idea is that they match wines to whatever a book club is reading, and ship them to the host’s house. (It’s a cool idea, especially since like a lot of book clubs, in mine, the book is usually secondary to gossip and banter, and often serves its most useful purpose as a coaster.)

The hotel put together an amazing spread, with nine types of wine, a masterful selection of cheese and a whole array of chocolate-y fondues and soufflés. And, the Sofitel bought everyone who attended a book – no small feat, since there were about 85 participants. It was all free to participant, courtesy of Mike made a video of the party with his latest gadget, so take a look.

Women & Wine and Sofitel will be hosting similar fetes in:

  • Los Angeles (23 October)
  • Redwood City (25 October)
  • Washington, D.C. (29 October)
  • Miami (30 October)
  • Chicago (6 November)

Go to Women & Wine for details on how to sign up. Oh, and they’re giving away a trip for two to Paris, too. Don’t forget to enter


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