San Francisco – Day Two

I’m pretty sure that Pleasanton, Calif., is actually a movie set. Or home to the Pod People. It is literally the most pleasant and perfect place that I think I’ve ever visited.

The Pod People, however, have a great bookstore to service them. Town Center Books is a smallish storefront run by Judy Wheeler (left of me inthe photo), a woman who seems to have no limits on her energy. She had invited me to talk at Eat and Read It, a monthly lunch with an author. We had more than 20 people at lunch, and about a third had already read the book. What a shift from the previous night. Judy had some lovely quiches and pastries brought in from a nearby bakery, and served wine and champagne to everyone. Clearly, these are regulars. I haven’t talked to many audiences in which a fair number have read the book so it was interesting to get their questions about what happened to specific characters in the book, or about particular scenes and situations. Judy has coffee meetings with books, has a slew of book clubs associated with her stores, and is now starting an author “happy hour” discussion. Now this is what you don’t get from the big chain stores.

Afterward, we walked over to The Rose Hotel where I had a TV interview with local journalist Kathy Cordova. I keep feeling like I’m losing my voice, so I felt a bit hoarse, but it went OK. What was odd was that here, in Podville, the director of the show was Morgan Freeman. I mean, he was a dead ringer for him, but perhaps a bit younger and taller. But since this place feels like a movie set, maybe it was really him? Mike noticed that he never mentioned his name during introductions…

At night, we had a third event with Sofitel in their San Francisco Bay location in Redwood City. Flanked by gleaming, new office buildings of high tech, biotech and other big corporate entities, this is a sort of hidden luxury hotel. The staff here has been beyond accommodating. They even gave us a great suite with a sweeping view of the bay, nearby hills and the beautifully landscaped gleaming office buildings. (This was the first suite we’ve had on the whole tour; we felt like rock stars…) The party itself was terrific, with a champagne tasting alongside some high quality French white and reds. About 50 women took part, an interesting mix of ages and professions. I had a chance to talk to everyone, to hear their stories. It’s amazing how many women can relate to the “I have a good job that I’m not crazy about, but I don’t think I can leave it” scenario… next stop, Washington, D.C.

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