Back on the island – for two days

For two days, we had a brief rest at our house on Anna Maria Island. I was never so glad to see the random manatee that greets you as you cross the bridge over. We had two glorious days to wash our clothes, repack, sleep in, make our own coffee, water my plants, and most importantly, see my mom and my sister’s family. Traveling for a month makes you remember the small luxuries.
The only downside was the night we went to dinner at one of our very favorite island spots. My niece had a seafood risotto but it didn’t taste right. To me, it tasted too fishy and somewhat metallic, as if the stock used in it was soured, either by being off or by someone leaving the lid on the pan while the stock was still hot. We decided to send it back. The manager, a guy we know, came out and rather than just saying “Ok, you didn’t like it,” said “well, maybe it’s the truffle oil. A lot of people don’t know how truffles taste…”
I held my tongue. Maybe he forgot that I trained at Le Cordon Bleu? Maybe he doesn’t know the debacle over the fact that truffle oil isn’t made with truffles at all, but chemicals

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