Local TV – it’s terribly glamorous…

For the second time in a week, I did a morning TV show in Tampa. The first was on WFLA-TV, while today’s was on WTSP-TV. Last week, I was interviewed for three minutes by Lindsay Brien on The Spot for three minutes. In the brief discussion I had with her before the show, I found out that she’d been on the Seattle version of MTV’s “Real World” series. Today, I chatted with Tim Wilkins, who is both a daytime personality and stand-up comedian. Both were friendly, but Tim was downright effusive and referred to Mike as a “god,” something that just doesn’t happen much on daytime TV. He was referring to a scene about a broken bed from Chapter 1. (You read about it in Search Inside on Amazon.)
I’m getting more comfortable with TV. It no longer feels like an out-of-body experience. And besides, today, I went on after a woman dressed as Elmo. So, it’s hard to get a big ego over it. However, here are some fabulous behind-the-scenes shots of WTSP (the green room, the makeup room) and the exterior of WFLA.

Later in the afternoon, I had a riotous interview with Jeff Houck, the excellent food writer at The Tampa Tribune. Evidenly, he was having to deal with a few complaints about a Halloween meatloaf recipe formed in the shape of a “dead man’s foot” that he had run the day prior. He didn’t say it explicitly, but a couple of readers likened it to a meaty offering to the devil…

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