In Chicago on Tuesday, we had the last of our Sofitel events with Women & Wine at the extraordinary Water Tower hotel location. About 80 women came but one was especially notable. Juliana will be familiar to Sharper Your Knife readers as “Jovina,” my classmate whose fiance was fighting in Iraq when we were at LCB in Paris. One of the most common questions I get from readers is whether he came home safe and sound. He did, and here’s photographic evidence of this fact. (Though, he did three separate tours in Iraq…)

I was thrilled to see her; the last time I saw her was just after our Intermediate Cuisine exam in Paris. Interestingly, she’s left the culinary world. After nearly two years of long hours on her feet in a professional kitchen, she decided to trade in her clogs for law school. But, she’s agreed to be my sous chef when I do a demo at the Union League of Chicago on October 4th.

The evening was fabulous. Great wine, wonderful women. It’s been amazing meeting thee extraordinary women all over the country. I hope you all keep in touch. Thanks to Julie Brosterman at Women & Wine for organizing these events with Sofitel. By the way, you can still enter to win the trip for two to Paris

Note: Mike has been taking videos of all these events. Pretty soon, we’ll be getting it online.

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