Milwaukee on ice

On Monday, we had an author lunch at the reknowned Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro in Milwaukee, arranged by new friends Nancy and Carole of the wonderful Harry Schwartz bookstores in Milwaukee. A main course of chicken cordon bleu was bookended by the onion quiche and banana and nutella crepes from the book.

It was an icy, winter’s day and from the lovely window-paneled dining room, we looked out across a frigid Lake Michigan, the edges tempted with ice. Inside, it was a warm place, with a crowd of about 40 or so, some of whom had driven up from Chicago for the luncheon. It’s funny I included chicken cordon bleu in the book as sort of a joke, since it’s not really a Cordon Bleu recipe. But the treatment by young chef Adam Siegel was both true to my recipe, but also demonstrated his own talent, with a very light, savory crust in a pool of creamy cheese sauce thick with the flavor of gruyere.

Oddly, chef Adam Siegel will be cooking a black truffle dinner at the James Beard House on the 23rd January – the same day that I’ll be reading at lunchtime for Beard on Books. What are the odds?

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