My favorite headline

Ha! This item appeared in Publishing News in the United Kingdom this week. The gentleman on the left is Matthew Fort, the food and drink editor at The Guardian in London and co-host of the popular TV show Market Kitchen. I taped an episode on the show a bit earlier this month, and it’s set to air sometime this week. The other host is Tom Parker Bowles, author book The Year of Eating Dangerously. I liked Matthew immensely. We drank some Calvados on air (and afterward) and chatted about the things I buy when I’m in Paris to take home. In no particular order, they include: stinky cheese (vacuum packed for travel), foie gras, duck confit, various pates, fond de roti (a kind of stock base), top quality Calvados, dried morel mushrooms and French flour.

Custom agents – kindly turn a blind eye to this post…

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