Party with Pork

So in a fit of domestic enthusiasm, I was cleaning out the piles of admin and junk mail today when I stumbled across a curious box. It said “Party with Pork” at the annual IACP convention in New Orleans last April. Huh. I opened it, and I’m not making this up, there was a plastic snout, a mask and Mardi Gras-colored confetti inside. Apparently, you were supposed to wear your mask and your snout and go to the booth (#121) hosted by the National Pork Board, of “the other white meat” fame. I never saw this because my father-in-law passed away in Florida prior to the conference, so we never came back home to Seattle.

I have many thoughts about this. One, it’s dizzying to think how much time, energy, effort and materials went into this package. The mask is stamped “Made in China,” and presumably the other elements were made there, too. So they went to Des Moines to be placed into a box that was shipped out all around the country – presumably to the 1,700 or so who attended this year’s conference. On the downside, only the box is recyclable. On the upside, it did get my attention. The snout is cute, though. I may give it to my niece.

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