Bill in Iraq

My pal Bill Murray has had an interesting career, one that he just recently made even more interesting. At one point, he worked for NPR at Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost point in the U.S. Most recently, he was working at a proper business reporting job for Bloomberg in London. But he left that behind recently to work as a reporter in Bagdad.

He’s keeping a blog about his experiences called Bill in Iraq, which also links to his work for The Long War Journal. The Long War Journal is a non-profit organization dedicated to accurate reporting about what the Bush Administration used to refer to as the War on Terror.No matter how you feel about the conflict in Iraq, it’s a great organization and their coverage is fascinating.

Mike and I saw Bill in London back in May. (Who knew he could play guitar?) We were staying in an apartment in the Maryleborne neighborhood of London, and it turned out that Bill used to live two doors down, right next to the building where Benedict Arnold once lived. I thought about the plaque that’s posted outside the door there recently. The British refer to Arnold as “an American Patriot,” while we yanks consider him a traitor. It really shows that the perspective of war certainly changes based on geography.
So I’m proud of Bill for having the courage to go there. I can’t wait to buy him a drink back on safe ground. Bill, you name the city whether it’s Seattle or London or New York…

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