Getting f**ked up in the spice aisle

Every so often, I’m reminded that I am uncool. My friend just sent a link to a consumer scare piece from an Australian media outlet called “Meet Our Supermarket Junkies!” The main part of the story is based on creating a hallucinogenic tea concoction from poppy seeds. You know, the kind you put in your muffin to ruin a urine drug test.

According to its fans, it’s a cost-effective mind altering experience. A 17-year-old user from Adelaide said if “you do this right, you get f**ked up… This is the best high I’ve had for such a small price.” Good to see a young person so interested in being a smart shopper.

So curious was I about this phenomenon that I went to went to look it up online. Apparently, I’m out of touch with the drug using public. The term “poppy seed tea” generated 369,000 hits on Google. One was a similar scare journalism piece by ABC News, “Home Brewed High.” I started at Hip Forums, where various posters debated how best to make the tea. One person suggested that whole poppy heads were preferable to the seeds, and it turns out there’s a whole cottage industry built around selling these on ebay — for craft projects, of course.

Several sites had recipes for making the tea. A quality recipe includes some kind of citrus because this reportedly helps impair the liver enzyme that would combat the toxins, thus resulting in a longer high. The amount of poppy seeds required varies widely.

Just in case you’re thinking that a strongly brewed cup of poppy seed tea might be both refreshing and relaxing in a mind expanding way, you might want to take a look at the Poppy Seed Tea Can Kill You site, supposedly written by parents of a 17-year-old boy died drinking the stuff.

And I thought eating a muffin to disturb a drug test was living on the edge.


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