IACP cocktail mixer

Last year, I offered to volunteer to help out with the online forums or something for the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP). The next thing that I knew, I was vice chair of the Food Writers, Editors & Publishers section, and mere months later, the chair left for the IACP board of directors, and I agreed to take on the section as its chair.

In addition to working on a second book, doing a book tour and flogging magazine editors with freelance ideas, I’m working for IACP. It often reminds me of my corporate gig. I have a budget (miniscule, must make do), get lots of email, documents must be filed, people for conference panels organized, etc. Unlike my corporate gig, I do all of this for free.

So, my thought, if I’m gonna do all this, let’s have some fun. For starters, let’s get all the food writers and beyond out for drinks. So Tuesday night here in Seattle, we met at the Polar Bar of the Arctic Club, munching of free apps organized by fellow IACP member Maggie Dutton. I arrived late and forgot to take photos. Thanks to everyone who came to the event. If you’re a food writer or just an aspiring one, email me and I’ll invite you to the next IACP get together in November. Member recruitment is part of my role, too…


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