Book Passage

Book Passage in San Francisco is arguably one of my favorite book shops in the country in one of my favorite cities in the country. Nestled into the historic Ferry Building, it’s a bustling place with people dodging in an out on their way to catch their aquatic rides across the bay. On Tuesday night, the doors open to the perfect weather, we entertained a small but deeply enthusiastic crowd. We sipped some local wines, and talked about what it really means to be a chef, life in Paris and the process of writing a non-fiction book proposal. Afterward, the store gave me the nicest gift: embossed personal notes. I was so touched that I used the first one to mail them a thank you card.

Afterward, our media escort, Lisa, a fellow IACP member Natalie, and my pal Damon Brown, author of the upcoming book Pong & Porn. wandered around looking for a glass of wine. We found ourselves at the posh waterfront restaurant, The Slanted Door, a place notably difficult for getting a table. Mike quickly sorted a great solution. There was no able service at the two tables set up outside. But, the bartender could see no problem with us ordering a bottle of wine and taking it outside. So, for $24, we enjoyed a bottle of Gamay, taking in the views of the Bay Bridge and the comings and goings of the ferry. What a great night.

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