Interesting site for the debate

The former New York Times food writer Amanda Hesser has started a new digital life project over at Although it’s in early stages, just a brief look reveals an idea that is very cool.

To see how it works, click on the “debate” section. If you’re a Twitter user, give it a try. Essentially, you can watch how people react to the debate as it unfolds tonight. (Or, you can look at their early adopters take on the past debates.) It reminds me of that little chart that runs under the debate on CNN, except that you can go back and look at it after the debate and see what was running through people’s heads.

Worth noting, it’s hardly scientific, and the group isn’t one of those dubious groups of “undecided” voters. Frankly, I find this refreshing.

A brief rant here. After 20 months of campaigning, how can anyone be “undecided” at this point? I pity the CNN producer who has to locate truly “undecided voters.” It must be akin to finding jurors who have no opinion on O.J. Simpson.

OK, I’m going to get back to writing. My agent is going to read this and wonder why I’m writing this, and not my proposal…


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