Beef in B.C.

Our friend Jessica has an unusual employment perk. Her company offers its management team use of a couple of condos at the famed ski resort at Whistler, B.C., the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics. She invited us and our mutual chef friend, Ted., to come up for the weekend to help celebrate her birthday. Free lodging in B.C. — during the annual Cornucopia food and wine fest?

You bet.

A couple of notable points. Should you plan to drive from Vancouver to Whistler, B.C. any time prior to the Olympics, do not drive there at night. The roads are undergoing massive work, and driving for roughly 45 miles on curving roads with unclear road markings with the slick sheen of rain was such a harrowing experience that I literally kissed the ground when we arrived at Jessica’s corporate condo.

Fortunately, Ted’s dinner made up for the life-threatening drive. He cooked up a mess of smuggled massive hunks of beef from the grass fed cow that he bought with his brother from a small farm in the San Juan Islands. Marinated briefly, rubbed with fresh herbs, tons of great pepper and cooked with love, it was arguably the best steak that I’ve ever tasted. They’d purchased fabulous red wines at the government-run liquor store. Sometimes, a great dinner can really cure everything…

Afterwards, inspired by the rain that couldn’t decide whether to yield snow or simply content itself with numbing freezing rain, we hung out and listened to David Sedaris’ audio tale of “Six To Eight Black Men,” a holiday story that I just can’t recommend enough…


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