En route to Hawaii

This week, we’re going to Hawaii because I’ve somehow warranted becoming a “celebrity chef” on Holland America. I’ll be teaching two demonstration classes and two hands-on sessions. The demonstrations will be broadcast across the ship. I’m left with visions of people in swimwear glancing up from the pool to gaze at my huge head on some screen showing to properly cut zucchini into a brunoise. We’ll see what it’s actually like.

One benefit to constant travel (see the book tour entries) would be the racking up of frequent flyer miles and companion ticket awards. A couple of insider tips. Evidently, late October/November is *the* time to visit Hawaii. We found coach fares for $179 round-trip from Seattle to Hawaii. Crazy talk. We ended up upgrading and using a $50 companion coupon to buy a second ticket. We’ve decided to spend a couple days on Kauai, then hop an inter-island flight to Honolulu.

Thus, we ended up in first class on our way to chill in the beach surf and do some tours of historical Hawaii Military Bases. Turns out that Alaska Airlines has a whole thing going with its Hawaii flight that was worth blogging about. We had our own floral-shirted cabin steward who I’ll call “Bill.” He suggested mai tais and we said “yes we can!” (After all, we’re going to Obama’s home state). Our printed menus noted that we would be sampling a menu designed by Chef Bill Lord from Honolulu to provide flyers with a “taste of the islands.” My hat is off to Chef Lord as it’s probably the best airplane food that I’ve ever had, notably the steamed Paki’I fish in a banana coconut curry. As Mike said, “this fish is so good, it tastes like chicken!” (That’s his ultimate compliment when it comes to fish…)

Afterward, as we watched an episode of Hawaii Five-O, they brought a cart laden with bowls of vanilla-scented ice cream down the aisle. We shared a bowl topped with roasted coconut shavings, garnished with fresh purple orchids…


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