Eating around Hawaii

Time’s short, so I’ll just collect some of our meals into one blog post. Monsoon-style rains invaded the island late Saturday night, so we decided to scrub a couple of planned beach-side meals for another trip, including a traditional luau.

Most memorable meal, if not the most high-end goes to the Puka Dog stand at the Poipu shopping mall. (I’m not alone; Anthony Bourdain scarfed one down on his Travel Network show.) Essentially, a puka dog is a big ole polish sausage (or veggie dog) shoved into a hollowed out soft white bread bun. Garnishes include mild, medium or hot garlic chili sauce and a fruit-flavored relish. Mike chose the mango-relish with hot sauce, while I went with the banana. It was good, the sharp flavor of the dogs contrasted with the sweet and heat of the garnishes, which became more bountiful and gooey as we got closer to finishing the dogs. The owner prodded us both into ordering lemonade, but I drank less than half as it was overwhelmingly sweet. A good cheap eat, satisfying after an afternoon at the beach.

Other good noshes:
Wonderful kahlua pork on steamed hoa buns with ohno fish wrapped in ham at Tidepools; however, Mike was dismayed that all the koi in the pond seemed to congregate just below our table in the water under the thatched huts.

We also had some great seared beef at The Point restaurant while we watched a island-wide “Battle of the Bands” drinking $3 German beers.


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