Novel Adventures

Ok, so it was a weird moment this week when I saw Daphne Zuniga (aka Jo from Melrose Place) thumbing through my book. Admittedly, she was doing this onscreen, but it’s still weird.

This week, CBS Interactive featured The Sharper Your Knife as part of its online series Novel Adventures along with The Old Man and the Sea and The Bourne Ultimatum and five other books. The gist is that four female characters read a book and then go on an adventure — in one of any of the fine vehicles made by Saturn, the show’s sponsor.
In the episode, “If You Can’t Take the Heat,” the characters read The Sharper Your Knife and then take off on an epicurean adventure that includes making a lovely tarte tatin. (You can find the recipe here… and leave a glowing review of the book 🙂

It’s worth checking out, if only to register what sounds like a great sweepstakes. CBS Interactive’s prize is a “novel adventure” of your desire, along with a brand new Saturn.

The big question: how will you drive it to Paris?

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