What’s your worst Thanksgiving story?

My mother-in-law filled a Hefty bag with raw turkey and Liquid Smoke, and two days later plopped it on the table for Thanksgiving dinner. 25 years later, the memory of that nasty thing still haunts my husband.

One year half the family at my grandmother’s collected some bug that had me and my sister vomiting on the plane ride home Thanksgiving night- my mother thought we had botulism. I remember watching my sleeping sister throwing up in all over the seat and I chalked “Flight Attendant” off my list of possible careers.

One year a windstorm blew into the Seattle area on Thanksgiving morning, knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of people around Puget Sound, most of them with the turkey still in the oven. In my family, Thanksgiving dinner happened at lunchtime, so when the storm hit our dinner was already on the table. We ate by Coleman lantern light, and then my dad pulled the battery out of someone’s car ad hooked it up to the TV so that my uncles could watch the football game. My Great Grandmother, Marie, who had just cooked the entire dinner for 20 or so people, came into the room with a slice of pumpkin pie and said, “Turn on General Hospital.” My uncles grumbled and whined and threatened to mutiny but we watched GH to see what was happening with Luke and Laura. Everyone- even the grumbly uncles.

So who’s got the best Worst Thanksgiving Ever story? Don’t be shy- Thanksgiving is the time for sharing.


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