Happy Thanksgiving

In honor of the turkey holiday, I’ve included a couple of good recipes to the site. One is Cajun turkey gumbo, a post-Thanksgiving holiday staple around my kitchen. The other is a great basic stock recipe from my chef friend Ted, featured in the chapter “Taking Stock.”

We spent the week in Bend, Oregon, visiting with Mike’s extended family. During the trip, we did a fun book reading event at Between the Covers, a lovely book shop in downtown Bend situated in a former turn-of-the-century house. The place was started by Hayley Wright, a woman who ditched her day job to pursue her passion for reading and books by opening up this book store. She had never worked in retail, much less a bookstore, but she dove into it with gusto, her husband supporting her every step of the way. It’s a great shop, filled with hand chosen books and a selection of vintage candy (wax lips, anyone?), and the kind of quirky, cozy, trustworthy bookshop that have become harder to find these days. People like Hayley reaffirm my belief that you should always follow your dream.

Some of the family had to work on Friday, so we decided to do the eight-hour drive back to Spokane on Thanksgiving day. We opted to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner a few days early. And thus, we spent today in an over-stuffed SUV on the drive home, searching southeastern Washington state today for something to eat around 3 p.m., the same time most people were likely sitting down to a full dinner with turkey and all the trimmings. After rejecting a McDonald’s oddly serving only breakfast items, we wound up ordering Big Macs through the drive-thru at a different outlet just a few miles down the road.

Yes, Big Macs for Thanksgiving.

It felt naughty and bad, and we talked about Supersize Me and Fast Food Nation. All the while it was great to spend time with family packed into a car with too much stuff, talking trash and politics and eating junk food. Sometimes, it matters more who you’re eating with than what you eat.


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