My Paris cheese seller

Earlier this year, I did an appearance on Market Kitchen in the UK and specifically referenced a Paris shop as a place where English-speaking visitors to Paris can get cheese vacuum-sealed for a trip home to the U.S.

So imagine my delight at running across a video of my cheese seller in Paris. It’s a small shop nestled down the street from where we lived on Rue Etienne Marcel in Paris. The shop is located along the famous market street Rue Montorgueil. I used to buy cheese regularly from the lovely woman. (You’ll see cartons of fresh eggs behind her; I used to buy those from her, too.) In this video, she gives a nice overview of French cheeses, and the host even mentions the whole vacuum-sealing thing. They don’t mention it, but she also sells several kinds of French butter, most from small producers in Normandy. Should you find yourself in Paris, you can find it on 8 Rue des Petits Carreaux 72002,

The same site has a good video about Belleville, another neighborhood that I lived in briefly.


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