One from the vaults…

Every so often, I run into myself. Yesterday, I came across a radio interview that I did last November for the Culinary Media Network. Of all the interviews that I did, I felt that was one of my favorites and I never promoted it. As I listened to it, I forgot that I discussed the experience opening the boxes from my life in London a couple of years ago. What’s funny is that I just happened to be writing about this yesterday, as part of my second book. We also talk a lot about “one day” and the loss of plans that so many of us make for “one day…” That struck me, as two good friends of mine lost a parent in the past two weeks.

The funny thing about interviews. You never know where the subject is at the time of the whole thing. In this case, I was sitting outside the place our in-laws rented for Thanksgiving in Bend, Oregon. The kids were playing Xbox, the dog was barking and so I opted to sit outside — in 34 degrees. I was looking out at the snow. Hence, if you listen to this, why I sound so shivering, cold and downright sniffly.

At the the end, we talk about how I plan to write about “How Kathleen lost 20 pounds” on my blog. As an update, I’ve 14 pounds since January. I’m down to 37.9 percentage body. I still have another eight to 10 pounds to go…


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