Seattle Book Examiner interview

Meant to put this up earlier. Here’s a nice Q&A that I did last week with Danielle Dreger-Babbitt. My favorite part of the interview:

SBE: Favorite place to eat in Seattle?
KF: Anywhere that I’m dining with my husband, Mike.

If you’re not familiar with Seattle Book Examiner, check it out. Danielle does a good job of rounding up and covering local literary events. It’s a good bookmark for book lovers.



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  1. Grateful, he wrapped his arms around his friend and buried his face in his neck. It is akin to the spell that has protected him for the last two decades. Unfortunately, that included using Eyrhaen as a lodestone, both for Herself and for Her people. Nialdlyes red legs crisscrossed over his back. Someone was there to help her. Radins hand at her cheek turned her back to face him. But then, they had time. Smiling, too happy to remain still, Eyrhaen pushed up onto all fours over Hyles hips. Or even project emotion on him. Her fists closed on the tasseled ends of her belt. Goddess, the raw physical power of him was intoxicating. He waited until her brain caught up, and she blinked dumbly up at him. She froze, lost in the icy heat of his gaze. Whimpering softly, she opened her mouth, but he went no further. Relief put a smile on Brevins face. He held her hips, and they stayed still, simply enjoying the connection. Radin turned his head to look toward her, smiling. So, I know how you might feel. The curl to his lip was resigned. Even if he had, she would have been his.

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog. Women's Memoirs (our site) also sees the obvious link between food and writing. I hope you'll come visit our ScrapMoir series on Women's Memoirs. We post a new KitchenScraps each Thursday–which combines memoir vignette about food, photos and, of course, a recipe. Enjoy.

  3. Nice interview. I read your book and I wondered what you were really like and you seem genuinely very personable and sweet. Thank you for what your contribute to the world. I am looking forward to your second book.

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