Julia Child makes an omelette

A chef at Le Cordon Bleu once said, “Once a person learns to make an omelette, he will never go hungry.” His point was that even if a person is poor or rushed for time, an omelette can be made for less than 50 cents and five minutes. Doing research for the next book, I came across this link of the fabulous Julia Child demonstrating how to make one.



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3 responses to “Julia Child makes an omelette

  1. LOL This is the only thing my husband learned in home economics class, and he learned it very well! I love how Julia tosses the souffle pan aside. Always enjoy seeing these little snippets of the Julia show, thanks Kathleen!

  2. Hi Kathleen,My name is Georgia and I'm in the middle of reading your book, "The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry" and can't begin to tell you how much I'm enjoying it. Your writing is honest and amusing and inspiring, and I plan on trying many of those delicious recipes you mentioned!Thank you for such a great read. I hope you'll stop by my site sometime and tell me what you think of one of my dishes!All my best,Georgia

  3. great video! i think i could live on eggs. she makes it look so easy. and watching this video has helped me decide i need a new pan. 🙂

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