Bring Your Knives and Party

On Thursday, August 5th, I’ll be offering a series of short knife skills lessons at the Queen Anne Farmer’s Market from 4 to 5 p.m. You can just watch, but I’ll also be able to give some hands-on instruction to a small group, too. I’ll have some knives on hand, but why not bring your own? You can take a quick lesson and then arrange to have it sharpened by my newest favorite business in Seattle, Cutlery on Wheels.

Owner Bill Magee put his knife fetish to work in the form of a mobile knife shop and sharpening service. It’s a good value, too — just $5 for for a standard eight-inch chef’s knife. You can browse his mobile showroom while you wait. Maybe you’ll even decide to upgrade your existing knife.

Afterward, I’ll sign copies of The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry. You can also get information on how to become a recipe tester for the new book and learn more about the upcoming Changing Courses cooking classes and Red Velvet Dinners that will start again this autumn.

If you bring your knives please be sure to cover the blade for safety. You can just improvise a sheath by folding a piece of cardboard around the blade, then binding it tightly with tape so that the knife stays snugly inside. I’m sure Bill can help you out with a new one.



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  2. maxinecannon

    Drat! I am so sorry that I missed this!!

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