Food Lust to Go

If you don’t know the amazing Nancy Pearl, let me introduce you. She’s a Seattle librarian who has translated her passion for the printed word into the bestselling “Book Lust” series.  Pearl’s books inspire everyone I know who loves to read. I suspect she’s only librarian ever to warrant an action figure.

All of this explains why I’m beyond thrilled that she included a reference to my first book in her latest title, Book Lust to Go: Recommended Reading for Travelers, Vagabonds and Dreamers which hits bookshelves today. Not only did she do me the honor of suggesting my book for those traveling to Paris, she put me in the same paragraph with my idol, Julia Child. Wow. Just wow. Here’s what she wrote:

           “Of course, one siren song that brings people to Paris is French cuisine. Julia Child’s memoir My Life in France (co-written with her nephew, Alex Prud’homme) captures this dual fascination with the city and its gustatory delights. An even more recent entry in the Paris-equals-good-food experience is Kathleen Flinn’s The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry. The author attended Julia Child’s alma mater, Le Cordon Bleu, and while lovingly describing the markets and streets of Paris, invokes both the joy and terror of being a student at the famed school.”

Flipping through the rest of the book left me sighing, contemplating all the places in the world where I haven’t been. It’s been years since our adventure in Paris. After I turn in the manuscript for my second book later this month, it might be time for another one.


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One response to “Food Lust to Go

  1. Kathleen, How wonderful to be mentioned in the same breath with Julia! And pre-congratulations on turning in your manuscript. I hope you do take that trip to Paris to reward yourself and reward your readers with some of your discoveries.

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