Penny, I Need You. Can’t You See That?

Famed food photographer Penny de los Santos will be hosting a free online food photography workshop next weekend from a studio not far from our digs in Seattle. This past week, she offered six people spots in the studio with her while she conducts the class. The catch? Everyone was required to make their plea via video, and ask her questions. You can watch her own introductory video here.

So, here’s mine. I think the questions that I’ve posed plague aspiring food photographers, so at the very least, I hope that’s helpful.  

To participate and watch the course as it streams over the weekend is free. After that, you’ll need to pay for it. I’m all for coming up with varying models to teach people all kinds of stuff, so I’m a proud supporter for what the Creative Live team are doing.

I will utterly understand why Penny doesn’t select me. After all, there are some great videos out there. My favorite was by a woman named Dana; if I was Penny and the Creative Live people, I’d totally pick her over me. This guy’s video was very impressive — he even got a chef to give him an on-air pitch why he should be in Penny’s workshop (!) I love this guy from Brooklyn. I also totally dug the video by this woman in Seattle who has a spice company. (Hey, she’s trying to bribe Penny with food, too, specifically salted caramels). I liked this guy and his questions about how she prepares for a photo shoot, although I felt he tried to curry some favor with the whole “go Bobcats” thing at the end since Penny went to Ohio State University. This woman brought in her whole adorable family to vouch for her.

I guess even more than being in the studio with her, I’d like to spread the word about what’s she doing. I know that whether I’m in the studio or not, I will be watching…



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10 responses to “Penny, I Need You. Can’t You See That?

  1. Beautiful!!!
    Honored that you are throwing your name in the hat.

  2. Kathleen Flinn

    Sure, but I can’t compete against some of those other videos. No matter what, I know that I’m going to see you when you’re here!

  3. Ok, I just signed up for the workshop. I can’t be in Seattle, but I’ll definitely be tuning in. Thanks for the heads up, Kathleen! Hope to see you online!

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  5. Janet

    Kathleen, I am so excited that you got into Penny’s workshop. I am in the Chicago suburbs so I can’t make it, but I will be watching.

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  7. Loved your humble questions…many that plague all us food bloggers. What a wodnerful opportunity. I was out of pocket this week-end so I purchased Penny’s 3-day workshop for later viewing. Managed to watch day one: how inspiring.

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  9. Kathleen Flinn

    Thanks to everyone for your comments. I had an amazing experience. I noticed today that I was looking at things differently — looking for the light, the scenes, the moments. If you have any interest in food and missed this workshop, it’s definitely worth it to sign up online. One of the students from the class and I are going together on a self assignment in Japan.

    I can’t stop gushing. I am also doing my best to resist the urge to take down a lot of the photos here on the blog…

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