A Few Good Food Links

This week, yet more evidence to confirm the addictive nature of some foods. I’m not quite sure that everyone needed a study to confirm, but GrubStreet’s excellent headline said it all: “You’re physically unable to resist fried chicken.” The gist of the studies findings? Fried chicken yields the same responses as drugs. Depressingly, a growing body of research supports the notion that what we traditionally think of guilty pleasure-style food such as those laden with salt, sugar and fat such as fried foods, potato chips and (sadly) bacon generate the same reactions in the brain as heroin or smoking, and thus, can be just as addictive. (The photo is the cover of Fried Chicken and Champagne by Seattle caterer Lisa Dupar, which just won the Julia Child First Book Award at IACP. You can find her fried chicken recipe here. I’ve made it, and will confirm it’s addictive. Damn, I want some fried chicken right now.)

More good links:

  • There’s something about SaltySeattle. Funny, spunky and well dressed, it’s all good, quirky fun over at her place, from classics such as 21st Century Dinner Party Etiquette to her frolicking in a bikini made out of Peeps. This week’s headline: “Food CAN Induce Orgasm.”  One of the accompanying photos echoes visions of, oh, the, uh… Hmmm. How to explain. This is a G-rated blog. Imagine glistening tartare-quality raw beef deftly folded to remind a viewer of the flower of feminine physicality. We move swiftly on.
  • Fine Cooking’s interactive Recipe Makers offer an educational way to start thinking about how to cook via formula and ratio, rather than recipe. Plus, it feels like an online kids game. My favorites are the Thai curry and the ice cream, the latter by David Lebovitz.  (You’ll need Adobe Flash to make the magic happen.)
  • Not really a food link, but we’re trying to develop a logo for a new site based on the upcoming book. My friend Taylor at The Happy Girl Experiment turned me onto this site, Mycroburst, where you can name your price and designers around the work vie to win “your contest.” So far, we are at nearly 500 entries. Take a look, got any favorites?


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3 responses to “A Few Good Food Links

  1. Thanks for shooting FC this link–when I saw the page I almost gasped (again) at that gorgeous cover shot from Lisa’s award-winning book (brava). So nice to read your post and thanks too for your shout out for our Recipe-Maker.

  2. Jen

    OMG, I want some fried chicken right this minute!! I have never heard of this design site, but we’re looking for a logo for my new blog, too. Cool.

  3. I missed your food links the past couple of weeks. Surprising, funny, informative. Keep them coming. You’re right, that photo looks like… I won’t say it! 🙂

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