A Few Good Links: Supermarket tricks, healthy eats, novice bartending

Forget buy-one-get-one-free, the big news in supermarkets are major “stock up” promotions, such as 5-for-$5 and 10-for-$10 are the new supermarket trend to get consumers to buy more. People should pay attention to this kind of supermarket trickery as it’s a recipe for food waste and overconsumption. 

Collectively, Americans toss about 35% of all the food they buy. There’s a rampant obesity crisis which disproportionately affects the lowest-income people. It’s one thing to buy 10 cans of tomatoes or tuna, but the majority of specials run toward chips, frozen meals, soda, marshmellows and so on.

If you’re interested in this sort of info, check out expert Phil Lampert’s ultra useful site Supermarket Guru that follows everything that happens behind the aisles, including consumer trends, market analysis and product reviews.

  • The Boston Globe covered a Tufts University study that unearthed major inaccuracies on the posted calorie counts at both fast food and casual dining. Meanwhile, The Consumerist reported on how McDonald’s won’t allow parents to request a cup of water instead of milk or soda with their kids Happy Meal. 
  • Nourish Network: I’m a huge fan of my friend Lia Huber’s Nourish Network. While people want to “eat healthy,” they struggle with concrete strategies to figure out how to do things such as add more veggies into everyday meals, or make better choices on the go or on a budget. A busy mom herself, Lia offers pragmatic tips from a wider perspective, not just a few recipes. To get an idea what it’s all about, check out the free ebook with recipes that I use all the time, notably the oven-fried buttermilk chicken.
  • 12BottleBar: From healthy to non-healthy, but then I guess it’s all about moderation. I’m not much of a bartender. In fact, I normally stick to wine. But I love this blog by David Solmonson. His most recent post is on the old-school bar food, pickled eggs. Like other posts, he offers an exhaustive history on the eggs, a recipe and other helpful tips. The store near our farm used to sell pickled eggs when I was a kid, and as he notes, you don’t see them anymore. I have a jar of them pickling now. Thanks David.

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  1. A bit surrpsied it seems to simple and yet useful.

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