Learn to cook at your own kitchen counter

As you’ll soon see in the new book, inspiring people to get off the couch and back into their kitchens is something I’m deeply passionate about. A recent survey reported that 28% of respondents replied they didn’t cook because they simply don’t know how. Mike and I matched some grand plans to develop an online cooking school — until I came across  Rouxbe.com.

Rouxbe (pronounced roo-bee) is the web’s first-ever online cooking school and currently teaches home cooks in 180 countries. We share the same mission, namely to help you become a better and more confident cook by teaching basic to advanced cooking skills and techniques – the same things that chefs learn in a professional cooking school – so you can be free from being a slave to just recipes. (Not to mention, break any kind of reliance you’ve developed on convenience foods…)

Their site offers excellent step-by-step videos of all kinds of techniques, plus quizzes and an option for “ask-the-chef” support. I’m all in favor of creation, but sometimes, it simply doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel, especially when someone else has already invested millions to develop the same wheel and done a better job designing it than I ever could. So, I’m partnering with Rouxbe.com to provide a series of classes as an online companion to the new book. You can upgrade your cooking skills independently, on your own schedule and on any device, which truly means that your kitchen counter can become your own private cooking school.

The new Kitchen Counter Cooking School “class” will debut on October 3rd, the official publish date of the book. But, as a sneak peek, I’ve convinced Rouxbe to offer readers a free lesson. Take a look at our official Rouxbe page to learn the most critical lesson for any home cook — how to use a chef’s knife.



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9 responses to “Learn to cook at your own kitchen counter

  1. lomaurice

    This sounds amazing. So many people are just not comfortable with a knife or real food.

  2. Awesome! I love well-matched partnerships. You’re so resourceful, Kat.

  3. Kathleen Flinn

    Thanks! I’m very excited about it.

  4. Gruber

    Wow. Most authors are trying to build apps and you went a much smarter route. Good for you, Kathleen!

    • Kathleen Flinn

      Thanks! We haven’t ruled out eventually doing an app, but you’re right, I think that a lot of people are doing apps for the sake of doing them. This just struck me as the right way to go since I’m such a huge fan of Rouxbe.

  5. Jill C.

    LOVED the knife lesson!! Cannot wait for the full class. I’m so excited about your book that I can barely contain myself!!

  6. Now here’s an example of a smart partnership. You get to deliver a service that’s exactly in line with your mission yet you didn’t have to spend tons of money developing, and they get to partner with someone highly regarded in the industry and get a lot of exposure. Very savvy on both parts.

  7. Kathleen – what a GREAT idea! Willbe posting my review of the book (and a giveaway) next Monday and will be sure to link to the Rouxbe lesson! Awesome partnership!

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