Paperback Tour Dates Announced!

The paperback version of The Kitchen Counter Cooking School hits the shelves on September 25th. Here’s the new cover, with the same content, only cheaper! Actually, there’s more content as the paperback has a cool Book Club and Reader’s Guide with suggestions to do crazy things such as raid the hostess’s fridge.

To promote this momentous milestone, I’ll be on tour in October and November throughout the United States. The book launch party will be at The Book Larder in Fremont. After Seattle, I’ll head to Atlanta (Oct. 7th), Washington, D.C. (Oct. 9th), Miami (Oct. 11th), Portland (Oct. 1-4th),Tampa Bay area (Oct. 23-26th), Austin, Texas (Nov. 8th or 9th) and Houston (Nov. 10th and 11th).

Most of the events will include tastings of everyday kitchen staples, such as salts, tuna fish, olive oil and there will be at least one giveaway of swag at each stop, plus each person who buys a book will get a little thank you gift from me. You can see the curren list of events here. 

Also, the private in-home cooking lessons/book parties are back by popular demand! We have opportunities in six areas for a one-of-a-kind experience. I’ll show up, host a private cooking lesson in your kitchen (or whatever room can hold your guests) and help you organize a comparative tastings of everyday kitchen staples (such as salt, olive oil, chicken stock, etc.) You invite your friends, book club members, neighbors and so on to buy some books. (That’s the point of the tour, after all.) As the host or hostess, you’ll get some pretty great swag plus signed first edition copies of both books and your fabulous shindig promoted across the social media universe. If you’ve got a blog or a book yourself, I’ll help you cross-promote it.

The locations and dates for 2012: greater Seattle (Sept. 28th or 29th), Atlanta (Oct. 7th), Washington, D.C. (Oct. 9th), Miami (Oct. 11th), Portland (Oct. 1-4th),Tampa Bay area (Oct. 23-26th), Austin, Texas (Nov. 8th or 9th) and Houston(Nov. 10th or 11th). Drop an email if you’re interested, or if you’ve got an idea of another event, media coverage or whatever.



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6 responses to “Paperback Tour Dates Announced!

  1. Love the new cover…Wish you would be coming to San Diego.

  2. Marmynavy

    No stop in New England, bummer.

    • Kathleen Flinn

      I know. We were in Connecticut and Massachusetts for the hardcover. The publisher likes to switch up the cities. But I will likely be back for the next one! Looks like it will be winter/summer 2014.

      • Marmynavy

        That would be terrific. You should keep Books on the Square, in Providence, RI in mind. They’re a great locally owned book store and where I found your first book.

      • Kathleen Flinn

        Definitely! I’ve never been to Providence and it’s on my list.

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