Friday Reads: How to Cook Everything plus win tickets to Mark Bittman in Seattle

Here’s the trouble with artichokes.

No one knows what to do with them. Eggplants suffer a similar dilemma.

When I’ve interviewed home cooks about why they end up relying on processed foods, it’s not necessarily because they are short of  time or lured in the theory of convenience. More often than not, lack of knowledge of what do with something such as an artichoke or an eggplant or a whole chicken undermines their confidence in the kitchen. The path of least resistance leads them to a frozen dinner instead.

What I like about Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything” is that it’s a true reference guide. The content spans from the most simple tasks, such as how to core an apple or measure flour, to more ambitious efforts, such as preparing a rack of lamb or make mayonnaise.

I’m a read-cookbooks-in-bed type, but must admit I’ve got the app for this one, too. It’s more interactive and searchable and a decided value even at $9.99 for the iPad versions since you get all of the contents of the book, as this review from CNet notes.

All of this is leading up to one of the few giveaways I’ve done on my site.

Bittman will be in Seattle next month for the Seattle Arts & Lecture series on September 19th. His talk will be on “The Future of Food,” and the intersection of food, politics, the environment, and personal health. He’ll discuss “non-foods”, like soda, and their impact, as well as how policy pushes foods such as wheat, meat, and dairy, that may be in no one’s best interests.

Anyone who knows me will understand why I’m kgeen to promote such an event.

To help spread the word, I’ve got two tickets to give away. To enter to win, simply send me an email. Note if you’ll be in Seattle on Sept. 19th. If not, then you win the outside-Seattle prize — a copy of How to Cook Everything. I’ll draw a winner at random a6 5 p.m. Pacific time on September 4th. Please note, entry will enroll you in my newsletter if you’re not already on the list; you can always unsubscribe.

Update: The good folks at have also offered to giveaway one copy each of the apps for How to Cook Everything and How to Cook Everything Vegetarian.



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4 responses to “Friday Reads: How to Cook Everything plus win tickets to Mark Bittman in Seattle

  1. Cornelia Kimmell

    Hello Kathleen, I tried to use your email link below to send you an email regarding the tickets to hear Mark Bittman, but the link does not work for me. A few years back I heard you on NPR and was so into your story, that I sat in the car in front of Larry’s supermarket in Redmond, until the show was over. Anything about cooking and Paris makes me stop and listen. I love both and lived in Paris as a student. I read your book soon after and loved every thing about it. I learned how to cut an onion based on your spot-on instructions. Then I was so happy to discover that you were going to teach a class at the PCC in Redmond and I loved every minute of the class too! I love your approach to cooking and I am so excited for your success. Please let me know if I should send an email to another address. Kind Regards,Cornelia Kimmell Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2012 13:46:34 +0000 To:

  2. Jenni

    Thanks for the heads up. I always seem to hear about good events AFTER they happen!!!

    • Kathleen Flinn

      Seattle is a book buying mecca, so a lot of big names come here, especially during the autumn. I’m going to keep my eyes out for good events and let people know about them, especially when my food writing friends come to town!

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