Paperback goes on sale today!

It’s official: the paperback of The Kitchen Counter Cooking School went on sale today. I’m pretty psyched about it being made available in paperback as this opens up the message of the book to a wider audience, plus more book clubs are likely to read it. I’ve had amazing feedback from the clubs that took the plunge and tackled it in hardcover. Rather than sit around and simply discuss plot or which characters they liked or didn’t like, I had reports of people exploring the host’s fridge or assembling various everyday kitchen items to sample. I was so inspired that I wrote a special Book Club Guide with all kinds of activities, in addition to the usual discussion questions and Q&A with the author. (If you didn’t know this already, the reason why so many authors sound remarkably articulate in the back-of-the-book Q&As is simple: they write it themselves. Seriously, look at the Book Club Guide. That’s me interviewing myself. Don’t I sound intelligent?)

Since I’m on deadline for my third book already, I’m doing a more limited book tour for the paperback than usual. I may be adding some events in New York in November, too. Authors complain about the grueling nature of book tour, but I like going out and meeting booksellers, readers, the curious and even the folks who stroll into an event hoping for free food. (I always have food and/or drink at my events, should this sway you one way or another.)

Paperback tour dates for The Kitchen Counter Cooking School:

For more details, visit the Events page. I hope to see you in person. If not, I’ll be doing a live chat in October. Stay tuned.



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5 responses to “Paperback goes on sale today!

  1. Congratulations – can’t wait for my own copy!

  2. Congratulations on your book going to paperback! That’s fantastic. Very sorry to be missing your signing tonight at The Book Larder (another missed opportunity to check out this store – someday!). Best wishes on the rest of your book tour and can’t wait to hear about book 3.

  3. Congrats on paperback! Would love to have you come back to Boston!!

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  5. I picked this up on a whim and it’s great! I wrote it up on my little personal blog, but I will try to do an extra post on the children’s book blog I do because this is a great resource for parents. It’s really engaging.

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