Hungry for Words? We are, too.


The fruits of Copygate 2013.

Last week, I turned in my third book to Viking/Penguin! They haven’t said they hate it or fired me or whatever the equivalent would be for an author.

After months of writing, editing and recipe testing, I had just enough time for a brief celebratory sigh before moving on to Copygate 2013, the name my assistant Marianne coined for the heroic effort it took to put together massive binders for a weekend-long writing workshop. Somewhere around page 500–with the copy machine’s mechanic lullaby persuading me to near-sleep–a part of me thought, “Why did I schedule this workshop so close to my book deadline?”

But after leading the Hungry for Words writing course, I was reminded of two things: One, how much I love to teach.  (I hadn’t led a weekend-long class since 2010.) Two, how quickly complimentary wine and cheese disappears in a room with a bunch of food-obsessed writers.

19MAY2013 HungryForWords_Class Photo

The aforementioned food-obsessed, a lovely bunch.

You can read more about how it went over at wine writer Jameson Fink’s blog. Or check out the Hungry for Words page here.

If this sounds like the kind of thing you’d be interested in, I have a couple Hungry for Words weekends coming up, one on the east coast in Washington D.C., another in Seattle this September and a third in the works for next January in sunny Florida. Massive binders full of food writing and afternoon wine and cheese included.

Politics & Prose/The Writer’s Center, Washington, D.C.
June 22-23 Register Online

Richard Hugo House, Seattle
Sept. 28-29 (email to be notified of registration)

Anna Maria Island, Florida
January 2014 (email to be put on the list)



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2 responses to “Hungry for Words? We are, too.

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  2. So glad to find a kindred spirit! Yours are the kinds of books I like to list in my “Read more…” sections. I too have written a book for kids. Mine is less a how to cook book and more a story book aimed at getting kids interested in cooking and nutrition. Six stories where food sets the mood, a recipe or two following each story where kids and their families can cook up the foods in the story, and links in every chapter to various aspects of nutrition (basic info) is pretty much what my book offers. And lots of fun, too :).

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