Food thought: Seattle Police thought Hempfesters might be hungry

Doritos bags handed out at HempFest in Seattle










Last November, voters in Washington State agreed to legalize marijuana — with some caveats that included taxes. This has left Seattle Police in a bit of a bind. Technically, it’s legal to smoke pot unless you bought a limit of up to one-ounce from a state-sanctioned outlet — but there aren’t any of those yet and it’s still illegal under federal law. (In fact, the federal government might sue us Washingtonians over the whole thing.)

Even if/when the law goes into effect, it’s still illegal to smoke pot in public, especially in city and state parks, where alcohol is also banned. To get the message out, the police handed out bags of Doritos with a special public service message at Hempfest here in Seattle last weekend. I think my favorite line is, “This sticker is not a lawyer and cannot help you with legal advice.”

Of course, I won’t bore you with the shockingly bad stuff that’s actually in Doritos. Instead, I’ll just link to a few recipes on how to make them yourself.





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2 responses to “Food thought: Seattle Police thought Hempfesters might be hungry

  1. LOL. This label/post is hilarious (great marketing/reach out to target audience by the SPD though!!). I admit I love pretty much all salty/savory treats, chips included, but can’t bear the idea of all the preservatives/junk! Thanks for these yummy homemade ideas–can’t wait to try them! 🙂

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