Clips & Writing

I have published more than 1,000 stories during my 20+ year journalism career, the bulk during my career as a newspaper reporter. This is far from a comprehensive collection, but rather a few stories that I’ve got on hand and wanted to share.

As a staffer or intern, my work has appeared in, Adweek, International Advertising & Media, Playboy, the Sarasota (Fla.) Herald-Tribune, Internet Underground magazine and on and in various means. Also, you’ll still find some of my old stuff floating around, now under the banner of

As a freelancer, my work has appeared in at least three dozen publications, some widely diverse. Among them the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Tribune, USA Weekend, Men’s Fitness, Smithsonian, Waitrose Illustrated (UK), Playboy, AAA Going Places,,, The Scientist, Cinescape, Creative Loafing (Tampa), the Chicago Reader, and the Official X-Files magazine.

You can find a copy of my first book, the Seattle Sidewalk Offline Restaurant Guide for super cheap, but it’s out of print. I didn’t pick the name, what a mouthful. I’d like to thank Troy Brophy, former webmaster of Underground Online, for archiving the old Internet Underground stuff. Thanks, Troy, you’re the best.


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