Terri is a 44-year-old former lawyer who now runs a Northwest-focused travel company from her home.

Before the project: Most of her meals involved takeout and fast food, even breakfast. She had little in her fridge except expired condiments. Her freezer contained a four-year-old turkey dinner purchased for a Thanksgiving she decided not to visit her family. (On the holiday, she went to McDonald’s instead.) Her doctor had ordered her to make changes in her diet due to elevated blood pressure. She made plain whole wheat noodles for her dinner.

After the project: Terri signed up with a nutritionist who spoke with the class. As a result, vitamin bottles littered her counter. My heart sunk when she used her food processor to cut up onions for a simple pomodoro sauce to go with her pasta, but I forgave her utterly when she reported she had cut her fast food intake by about 85 percent. She still struggled to control her chocolate and sugar cravings.

Terri’s takeaway: “I know I can’t change everything at once, that doesn’t work for me. I’m doing it in steps, the way that I stopped drinking years ago.”

Most impactful lessons:
Nutritionist, pasta sauces, meats/braising

Videos(They will open in a new window on YouTube):

Terri tours her kitchen and discusses her eating habits

Terri on fruits and vegetables


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